Johnny Appleseed is an American Legend.

Johnny Appleseed's life exemplified sustainable agricultural, stewardship, entrepreneurship, minimalism, diplomacy, ecology and the formation of genuine human relationships. A legacy of meaningful service and work were Johnny’s heaven on earth.

Should your product embody and promote the values Johnny Appleseed lived by, The Johnny Appleseed Foundation may authorize your product to display The Johnny Appleseed Apple of Excellence.

The Johnny Appleseed Apple of Excellence can only be granted by The Johnny Appleseed Foundation.

The Foundation supports the leading source of information and scholarship about Johnny Appleseed - The Johnny Appleseed Education Center & Museum, Urbana University, Urbana, Ohio.

Apple of Excellence

Now, Your Product Can Receive Legendary Recognition.

Johnny-Appleseed-Excellence-FinNF-PNGToday, more and more consumers want to know what they are buying does not harm our planet… and sustainability is featured on the Home Page of almost every corporation and mentioned more and more frequently, in the office of the Chief Executive.

The Johnny Appleseed Apple of Excellence tells your customers your product promotes sustainable agricultural, stewardship, ecology and genuine human relationships.

To learn how your product may qualify, please contact…

The Johnny Appleseed Foundation, (937) 772-9297, 579 College Way, Urbana, OH 43078